Our Vision


Our vision is to restore and maintain healthy traditional community values; while actively participating in the new economy.

We envision a healthy community that is sustainable in its economy and social infrastructure.

We will value all people for their knowledge and skills.

We will make available opportunities and resources to empower community members to reach their potential.






The Tri-Town Theatre has offered our community an array of films to watch for decades. With a recently renovated sound system, the Tri-Town Theatre looks to provide entertainment that would rival those of other theatres.

For more information about the Tri-Town Theatre and what is currently being played,
please check out the Tri-Town Theatre Facebook group.

The Gitanmaax Comprehensive Community Plan was created by many hands and shaped by many voices. The Comprehensive Community Planning Team wishes to first thank community members (Elders, families, individuals, children and youth) who participated in this important project. Community members were the center of this project and it is their time, energy, creativity and honesty that have made this project a success.

‘Ksan Historical Village and Museum (‘Ksan) is located near the ancient village of Gitanmaax,  at the confluence of the Bulkley and Skeena Rivers in the community of Hazelton, British Columbia.

For centuries and possibly millennia, Gitxsan’s have maintained communities at important canyons and junctions on the Skeena River. This location was an important fishing site and transportation hub.