Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintainance

Gitanmaax has an Operation and Maintenance crew that runs out of a compound located on Gitanmaax reserve.
The O&M crew is responsible for municipal services, maintenance of our roads, wood sales, machine rental services, and monitoring and maintenance at our water treatment plant.
Our O&M crew has three full time employees who work Monday to Friday full-time and evenings/weekend as required.
Additional services provided are driveways, landscaping, waterworks and sewer and firewood.
For more information call the Gitanmaax Band Office at 250-842-5297 or 250-842-5867

Service and Fees

Backhoe, Bobcat, Dump Truck          $85.00/hour
Drain rock, Crush rock                     $85.00/truck load
Driveways                                       $20.00 per driveway
** all machine rentals must have Gitanmaax O&M crew operating equipments.